Thursday, May 1, 2008

Keepn It Real - An Investigation Into Aerosol Art

It’s all about when you stand in front of that naked wall, in the middle of the night, holding your spray can. You then forget all your worries and troubles, you only concentrate on the emptiness ahead and how you are about to fill it and give it life with your mark. While swerving that can, you suddenly have a burst of thoughts; how many people are going to see it, hate on it, criticize it and appreciate it and why they would do so. Sometimes you don’t even think about anything, your mind is completely blank and you feel on top of the world because you found what truly makes you happy and who you are.
These days the mass appeal is given a lot of misinformation about graffiti in general and people are too lazy to find out for themselves. This leads to people coming up with there own conclusions, mostly ignorant ones which spread around and give graffiti a bad name. There is a lot more to graffiti then what people think or have heard, like its history, how it started and also what aerosol art can do for someone and the world. These are the main aspects I will explore, as best as possible, since it is very hard, due to the fact that no one is able to really define what aerosol art truly is and all the secrets that are associated with it.
I hope that I will be able to reach out to as many people as possible with my findings.
I do not ask everyone to agree with my thoughts but to please keep an open mind about the subject at hand to then create your own personal opinion.

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Anonymous said...

hey so i found your blog through BS. to give you some background i'm a girl in a very small town in AR where pretty much no one writes you get a stencil every now and then but on the whole street art is still pretty unknown, so i don't write alot and when i do it's mostly confined to my sketchbooks or a panel i have set up behind my house. anyway i thought that you did a good job of explaining at least partially what graff is and why people do it, you really got some of the main ideas across. however i do want to suggest that you take out some of the basic definitions of things like "toys" and "throwups" since i'm still pretty new to this myself, i spend hours reading blogs and forums just to self-educate but it's more fun to find out what things mean by doing that then having everything handed to you. graffiti isn't supposed to be too easy the mystery just adds to it's appeal...

if you have anything to add my email is seffashion@yahoo