Thursday, February 28, 2008


When you’re done your outline and start applying that Venice Blue adding some Signal Violet, Purple and Lake Blue with some white and Black then outlining your work with that hot Solar Orange and just going everywhere with your colours is when you find true beauty in colours and aerosol art.

Writing has a lot of different aspects that make it really interesting and appealing. There are many things people do not know about graffiti and do not make an effort to find out, so they ignore the beauty that it can posses. Not appreciating writing because you don’t understand what it’s saying is a poor excuse. There is a lot more then the letters to appreciate because writers take them beyond literacy functions and into the realm of feelings and images.

Style is a big part of writing, your style makes you who you are and makes people recognize you every time you drop something. You develop the ability to find new ideas, new combinations, new movements and new ways advancing your art. It is something that you develop straight from yourself, that’s why it’s worth so much.

What I find remarkable in writers is their sense of imagination. Writing is great imaginative work, this is made evident when looking at a tag all the way to a piece. There are no established or written down rules in writing so no boundaries for imagination. You are sometimes able to see what writers incorporated in their work. How some letters look like a body movement or how the colours he used are the same that are in that popular mint gums add. They take things that they see and twist it to their style.

The way Graffiti screams out to the city and even the world is amazing. The way a piece on a freeway or on a corner store can make so many heads move and think, how so many people can admire good art, even for a glimpse. Writing is able to give someone a voice to express themselves to the world without having his name advertised everywhere. It’s a way of rebelling against our money corrupted society, where if you have no money you are muted out and left behind.

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