Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Twist and Post

Writing belongs on the street. Artists are inspired by the streets not only the graffiti in the  streets but also the billboards, the flyers, the people, the signs and everything in the street inspires them, so they then incorporate these images around there society into there work and take it to another level. Then showing as many people what they have done with it and what they are capable of.             

More and more we are seeing graffiti used in our advertisements, our TV commercials, clothing and elsewhere in our media. It has integrated in our media mostly to target a younger crowd. Even though it sometimes comes in more noticeable or obvious forms, most of the time we are unaware that it was used on an ad, shirt or in the background of a scene, since it’s becoming more and more a part of our everyday life’s. But a lot of big companies abuse their power; they rip off and copy a lot of designs without giving enough recognition or enough money to the artist. So now having writing in our media is a big step forward for the society to try to accept it as a voice of the streets.

It’s a mean of expression in many ways. People in the city go to work then go home, go to work then go home and so on. But while they do so they can see their community at work. There able to see art without having to go to the museum and not every one goes to the museum but a lot more people do pass by that huge intersection everyday. It’s a cheaper and easier way to say what you have to say without having to pay thousands of dollars for advertisement. Be it illegal or not graffiti belongs in the street to send a message across to people.

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